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ご利用規約  - Terms of Service –



【ルール】 - Rules- 
・チェックイン  16:00 / チェックアウト 10:00
   * Check-in 16:00 / Check-out 10:00
・門限 23:00 Curfew 23:00
・消灯  0:00 Lights out 0:00
・全館禁煙 (屋外に喫煙スペースを設けていますのでご利用ください)
   * No smoking on the premises (Smoking space is available in outside)

【注意事項】- Note - 
* Please ensure you manage your belongings and valuables stuff. 
* Please understand that we will not take any responsibility of lost and damage troubles. 
* The guest will need to bear the repairing cost if you damage our facilities and furnitures intentionally. 

【キャンセルポリシー】 - Cancellation Policy -


 7日前~当日 or ご連絡無しの不泊 : 宿泊料金の100%

* Our cancellation policy is 7 days(JPT) notice prior to the arrival.

If the booking is cancelled on ;
7 days to on your arrival day or no-show: 100% of your room charge.

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